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Virtual one:one  3-month Fertility and PCOS programs 

If you're looking to optimise your nutrition for fertility or/and manage your PCOS symptoms and are ready to commit to making gradual, achievable changes to your diet and lifestyle, book a free discovery call to find out more about my signature one:one, 3-month online programs. 

For fertility clients: 

This program allows us to capture the all-important 3-month preconception period, where we can have a meaningful impact on egg health, sperm parameters, ovulation, the implantation environment and prepare for pregnancy.  This option will also suit clients who would benefit from support, coaching and accountability to make sustained diet and lifestyle changes and who would benefit from a more structured (but tailored) approach. If you don't feel ready to commit to a 3-month program or feel you just need information and not ongoing support, the 2-Hour Fertility Nutrition Deep Dive (see below) might be more suited to you. 



For PCOS/ PCOS-Fertility clients:

Given the complexities of the condition, the need to develop sustained nutrition and lifestyle practices and and very often the need to work through ingrained behaviours and relationship with food, I recommend the 3-month coaching program for most for clients with PCOS, whether wanting to optimise fertility or simply looking to manage their condition and feel more in charge of their eating. The 3 month-period allows us to not only have an impact on your symptoms and fertility, 


Discovery calls take place via zoom (but can be completed via phone if preferred) and give us the opportunity to ensure my programs are the right fit for you currently and allow you to ask any questions. All programs are individualised and tailored to your specific needs.  

2-hr Fertility Nutrition Deep-dive


If you don't feel like a 3-month commitment is right for you, but you're after a comprehensive and tailored fertility nutrition and supplement plan, the Fertility Nutrition Deep Dive is for you!  An extended 2-hour comprehensive deep dive into the ins and outs of fertility nutrition with plenty of time to answer all of your questions and tailor advice to your unique needs and dietary preferences. Suited for both couples and individuals.

This session includes a thorough diet, health and lifestyle assessment (including review of blood-work and diet analysis). 

You’ll leave with personalised dietary recommendations, your tailored supplement plan (for both partners if a couples consult), as well as e-books, checklists and practical resources like meal ideas and recipes to help you put the recommendations into action.

Ready to book? Select the 2 hour- Fertility Nutrition Deep Dive option below. 

After booking you'll receive info on how to prepare for the appointment, including suggested blood tests. 


*if you are after a couple's fertility consult please book this option as it gives us the time to complete assessments for both partners

*If you have PCOS, fertility concerns that will take time to address or need support, accountability and coaching to  make sustained diet and lifestyle changes, I recommend you choose the 3- month program instead of this option. Book your free discovery call above to learn more.


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