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About Wendy


Hi, I'm Wendy, a Master's degree qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Victoria, Australia, where I run my virtual practice helping woman all over the world confidently nourish themselves to manage Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and other women's health concerns,  improve their fertility, optimise their diet for pregnancy and have healthy babies.

My dream of starting a practice focused solely on women’s health and prenatal nutrition was born out my own experiences during my fertility and pregnancy journey, when I became aware of the lack of credible, evidenced-based nutrition counselling and information available to women managing hormonal and reproductive conditions, trying to conceive, and during and after pregnancy, despite the abundant research in these areas.


We have strong evidence that our nutrition status and diet can have a huge impact on our fertility and can in some instances reduce the need for medical fertility treatments, and yet so many women are not offered nutrition therapy as part of their fertility workup. We also know that our diet in the lead up to conception, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding impacts our baby’s genes, and therefore it’s lifelong health, and yet most women are confused with exactly what they should be eating and which nutrients they need to focus on during this crucial period. Nutrition can also have a huge impact on our symptoms and quality of life, long-term health and fertility and pregnancy outcomes for women living with women’s health, hormonal and reproductive concerns, such as PCOS. 


With a master's degree in Dietetics and a background of extensive clinical hospital experience, I'm able to provide expert evidenced-based nutrition advice and coaching so that you can feel confident and empowered to nourish yourself, whether your goals are to feel your best and maintain your long-term health, improve your fertility or give your baby the best possible start to life.

I look forward to working with you!



P: +61 (0)403 417 090

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