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Wendy Fedele
Expert PCOS & Fertility Dietitian & Nutritionist  

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The top mistakes you're making with your PCOS Diet
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Learn the most common mistakes I see clients with PCOS make that are holding them back from seeing improvement with their symptoms and health.....and what you should be focusing on instead!


Meet Wendy:
Dietitian & Nutritionist specialising in PCOS, Fertility and pregnancy

Hi, I’m Wendy, Fertility, PCOS and Pregnancy Dietitian and Nutritionist, helping women just like you optimise their diet to help manage their PCOS symptoms, improve their fertility (and their partner’s!)  and nourish themselves and their growing baby during pregnancy.


Every day, more and more studies are published showing us the impact that our nutrition and lifestyle can have on our hormonal and reproductive health, our chances of conceiving and how our preconception and pregnancy diet can actually influence the lifelong health of our baby.

Diet and Lifestyle changes are also considered first line treatment for the management of PCOS, helping with cycle regulation, symptom management, fertility and reducing the risk of associated long-term health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


But what we’re learning more and more is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and tailored expert nutrition therapy is essential.


As an experienced and highly trained Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist, I’m passionate about supporting your unique nutrition needs through evidenced-based and tailored medical nutrition therapy. With a Master's degree in nutrition and extensive clinical experience working in a leading hospital, I have the expertise to help you meet your goals and feel confident with your nutrition choices.

As well as my 1:1 clinical work, I also partner with forward thinking brands and organisations to help them deliver evidenced based women's health, fertility and perinatal nutrition solutions and content. Brands I have partnered with include Medibank, Virtus Health (IVF Australia), OurPilates and more!

If you are a brand/ organisation looking to partner with wendy please contact


How can I help you?

 Virtual appointments and limited Melbourne in-person appointments available

Listen to Wendy on Knocked Up the Podcast



P: +61 (0)403 417 090

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